The Ideal Setup for Pipe and Vessel Fabrication

From concept to reality, the PIPEFAB™ welding system was developed for one purpose – to deliver the ideal setup for pipe and vessel fabrication. From machine design to arc performance, no detail was overlooked in delivering a complete, customer-driven system that lets your shop focus on what matters most – making high-quality root-to-cap welds, faster and easier.

  • Processes Optimised For Your Needs

    The PIPEFAB™ system comes fully loaded with weld modes optimised specifically for pipe and vessel fabrication. All processes – Stick, MIG, TIG and FCAW – have been fine-tuned for maximum performance with the industry’s common, filler metal, wire diameters and gas mixtures.

  • The Next Generation of Simplicity and Control

    Display Designed with Purpose The PIPEFAB™ system’s display was designed, evaluated, and tested to deliver one thing -machine interaction that is as simple as possible.

  • Attention to Detail

    From packaging to gun organization, The PIPEFAB™ system’s Ready-to-Run™ design was developed with complete focus on the operator and the shop floor environment for ultimate simplicity. From cable hooks for organised gun and cable management, tilting gas bottle tray and quick access side panels.

  • Industry Pioneers Who Know Pipe

    High-quality products and great customer service are important aspects of the Lincoln Electric story, but it’s our unmatched welding expertise, from the pipeshop to the field, that truly sets us apart. If there’s a better way for you to weld, we’ll help you find it.

Always Ready-To-Run™

The PIPEFAB™ system’s Ready-to-Run™ design keeps all process outputs electrically isolated and ready to weld when needed – meaning you’ll never have to swap cables to change processes again.

Flexibility to Tackle any Challenge

Dedicated process outputs and remote pendant connections give the PIPEFAB™ system a wide range of application flexibility. Embedded PowerConnect® Technology allows for input power flexibility from 200V-600V.

  • PowerConnect® Technology – 200v-600v input, just power it up and weld.
  • Reliable and consistent arc performance no matter what input voltage is used .